Round 1 : Racer Pit Allocation

Round 1 : Racer Pit Allocation


Please be informed that MSF Round 1 this weekend will run as planned as CLOSED EVENT limited to participants and team members ONLY.

The statement released by Pesuruhjaya Sukan is an advisory, yet MSF being a responsible organiser takes seriously matters pertaining to public health and safety.

MSF will race this weekend, and we will be implementing the following precautionary measures as required:
– this will be a CLOSED event;
– grandstand will be closed to public;
– paddock access only for participating teams with passes;
– we will conduct temperature checks at the entrance;
– hand sanitisers will be provided at certain locations: scrutineering, registration, drivers / riders briefing, etc;
– team managers will be required to sign a health declaratory notice on behalf of their team. We will prepare this and make it available for download by tomorrow;
– MSF crew will be provided face masks as a precautionary measure.

MSF exercises strict hygiene policy and no physical contact. As we announced earlier today, if you feel you are sick, please stay at home.

MSF has the discreation to ask any individual to not participate or leave the premises at any time if the guidelines set are not followed.

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Live Race Timing

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MSF Superbikes 2020 第一站将如期在这星期天 (15.03) 举办。由于新型冠状病毒疫情日趋严重。大会将采取以下措施 :-

i) 此站将改为 Closed Event (只开放与限定车手,车队成员进入场地)
ii) 观众台 Grandstand 关闭
iii) 全员必须通过入口安全健康检查
iv) 大会将在 Registration, Scrutineering 等地区免费提供洗手液
vi) 所有大会工作人员将备有口罩及避免人与人近距离接触